Fiber Engineering

Bicomponent fibers from ES FIBERVISIONStm are very advanced multifunctional fibers. 
Manufactured from two different polymers, customers have the opportunity of using the polymers for different 

The sheath material (typically poly-ethylene) has an excellent softness but is also characterized by having a low bonding temperature and can thus be used as binder material in fiber blends or to other kinds of materials.  

The core material (polypropylene or polyester) normally is used to ensure the integrity of the product. This core is not melted during bonding and forms a three-dimensional network in the product, giving the nonwoven product strength.
Generally speaking, ES FIBERVISIONStm has a vast array of opportunities when designing a unique and tailor-made fiber to a customer:

The fiber design takes into consideration:

  • which process the fibers will be used in and
  • which role the fiber plays in the final construction

Based on that ES FIBERVISIONStm will be able to adjust the following “basic instruments”:

  • Polymer types and brands, process additives, functional additives, surface agents, etc.
  • Polymer spinning conditions (core/sheath configuration, temperature, pressure, speed, and cooling),
  • Fiber stretching & finishing (temperature, speed, crimping, opening, surfactants/finishes)

The variations are countless, and therefore even “impossible requirements” can often be fulfilled.

Fiber structure

Bicomponent fibers normally consist of two different polymers that interact with each other.
Using the thermoplastic properties of the chosen polymers, the manufacturer has the possibility of creating fibers with several key properties, thereby making them more valuable than traditional fibers.
ES FIBERVISIONS™ holds a large family of patents in the field of polyolefin bicomponent fibers.


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