Creating Functionalities to the Bicomponent Fiber

ES FIBERVISIONS™ has a broad experience with regard to the interrelationship between fiber properties. Under normal conditions, one change of fiber properties will affect several other parameters. We operate our own pilot facilities in major regions of the world and working with you we will design what you need.


Scientific contributions, data collection from thousands of trial, and knowledge from our network of co-operation partners are of course available to customers when designing a new fiber. In this way, our experience will benefit your development project.


The properties of nonwovens, composites and fiberreinforced products are often determined by the physical and chemical properties of the fibers and the additives used in the processing.We have the experience to guide you.

ES FIBERVISIONS™ has a global and local development staff, and therefore consumer market requirements as well as you demands are valuable inputs to the fiber engineering process.

Our innovative project model enables input from manufacturers and end users to ensure that fibers are customized according to specific needs and requirements. Additionally, our model and work processes also assure that the fiber can be manufactured with a competitive economy - both in the fiber and nonwoven manufacturing process.
The properties of our bicomponent fibers can be engineered by enforcing the fiber’s native physical and chemical properties and adding the new functionality by means of additives (chemicals, botanicals, etc.), surface treatment and new or additional processes.
Material science and cooperation with suppliers and research institutes is part of our commitment to develop environmentally friendly materials. Our fibers are as part of our quality assurance policies tested and thoroughly documentet to ensure that the fiber has no work-related or user-related side effects.


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