Business Awareness

In a responsive organization, people are the key. From the top of the organization to the man in the warehouse we know that the customer is our employer.

ES FIBERVISIONS™ is a joint venture of JNC Corporation, Japan and FiberVisions, USA. Recently ES FIBERVISIONS™ has been identified by the owners as the main growth and investment potential.

We are eager to show the customers and key markets, that the company is committed to the industry. This has materialized in recent investments and acquisitions enabling ES FIBERVISIONS™ to live up to tomorrow’s standards and expectations in bicomponent fibers.
ES FIBERVISIONS™ management has made detailed strategies and plans to ensure customers, that our fibers and services deliver performance and competitiveness now and in the future.
In research & development, sales & marketing, production and logistic service ES FIBERVISIONS™ employees get educated and trained, exchange information and findings, improves processes, and take new initiatives,  - all in the hope that the customer feels the difference.

Globally, we are present with production in Japan, China, Denmark and USA and we employ dedicated people with local know-how and global experience. People, who will do their very best to get the job done.

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